Nestlégate: Letter of protest to Nestlé

On 24 and 25 January 2012, the multinational food-industry corporation Nestlé and the Swiss private security firm Securitas will be in court in Lausanne, Switzerland, defending themselves against a civil suit for spying on the “anti-globalization” movement ATTAC. This trial, which has been delayed for a long time, will finally lift the veil of secrecy that has been draped over this spying scandal.

When Nestlé’s president, Brabeck, was asked by the Swiss human-rights organization Multiwatch at the 2010 annual general meeting what Nestlé had done to stop this spying, and whether he could guarantee that Nestlé was no longer engaging in such activities, he answered evasively, saying that surveillance and infiltration were not Nestlé policy. A year before, he had justified Nestlé’s actions by the absurd accusation that ATTAC was a violent organization, and Nestlé had needed to protect itself.

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